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With Lee Camp and Eleanor Goldfield.

Censored stories, sensible solutions and common ground movements to fight and build.

And sometimes other stuff too.

Jan 29, 2024

Welp, the ICJ ruling has come down as you've now likely heard - what does it mean, what does it do and where do we go from here?

Meanwhile in the shared category of horrific acts, the US can now add gassing prisoners to its tally of human rights violations. This past week, a prisoner in Alabama was tortured and...

Jan 8, 2024

And now for a list of things you knew but didn't have official confirmation on!

Amidst its ongoing support for genocide in Gaza, a US representative said the quiet part loud and just straight up said (or slipped) that the US is all about suppressing democracy. 

Next up, the struggle to pay rent in the US is actually...