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With Lee Camp and Eleanor Goldfield.

Censored stories, sensible solutions and common ground movements to fight and build.

And sometimes other stuff too.

Sep 23, 2018

There's a lot to not like about Kavanaugh - including the secrecy of his past. A little teaser for the larger conversation on Eleanor's Act Out! show this week.

Trump made three decisions upon entering office that were actually positive. But now there's backtracking. Why? (hint: deep state)

Green Growth is a term being...

Sep 17, 2018

Hurricane Florence is wreaking havoc on the Carolinas. Here's an update and how to plug in to community led solidarity aid and rescue efforts - i.e. not the Red Cross.

The Swedish Election didn't get a lot of coverage here in the US - but here's why it's important.

PLUS an update on actions from the Bayous, waning U.S....

Sep 10, 2018

The death dealers are now peddling a cure for what kills. Because capitalism.

When the revolution is product, how can you not sell out? From the Bastille to Nike.

We don't want to be optimistic - but we want to be hopeful. We all need the light, the positive glimmer that keeps us fighting. Lee & Eleanor talk outlets and...

Sep 3, 2018

Our prison industrial complex is based on two principles: profit and punishment. But what do we really get out of punishing people in this way? Eleanor and Lee dive into "serving one's time" and the concept of compassionate accountability vs. sadistic punishment.

California has a lot to be stoked about right now -...