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With Lee Camp and Eleanor Goldfield.

Censored stories, sensible solutions and common ground movements to fight and build.

And sometimes other stuff too.

Mar 25, 2019

You probably heard that the Mueller Report found no collusion. So it's over now, right? Ha, nope!

Less than a week after the Christchurch massacre, New Zealand banned assault rifles and military-style weaponry. Here's the gun conversation we need to have.

The yellow-vest protests continue in France and Macron...

Mar 18, 2019

This past weekend, folks rallied for Venezuelan self-determination. Lee & Eleanor talk about the DC rally & messaging.

The mass shooting in New Zealand shocked and saddened the world. Here's a connected perspective on it that you won't hear on mainstream media.

Elitism permeates throughout college admissions. This...

Mar 11, 2019

No charges were brought last week in two cases of police brutality. So when we say, "All Cops Are Bastards," here's what we mean. And here's a look at someone who, through their work outside the police, ironically embodies that phrase.

Ilhan Omar continues to tell shit like it is. Her latest target: Obama (but really,...

Mar 4, 2019

What do we mean when we call the United States an empire? We don't have vast swaths of territories that we lord over like the British did in India, or the Romans in Central Europe. Well, that was yesterday's way of building an empire. Here's how we roll in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The State of Working America - aka,...