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With Lee Camp and Eleanor Goldfield.

Censored stories, sensible solutions and common ground movements to fight and build.

And sometimes other stuff too.

Jan 28, 2019

As we record and post this (apologies for being a day late!), the US government is moving forward with a coup in Venezuela. Here's the basic gist on what you need to know and where we could go and should go from here.

LA Teacher's Strike is over - here's what, and why, they won. Plus Denver and others look to follow...

Jan 20, 2019

A Pemex Pipeline exploded in Mexico - for a surprising and sad reason. Mexican President AMLO has a plan to address it, but here's a better one.

Detroit is like a ghost of Christmas future for the rest of the US. Recently, a report came out showing how it could be even worse - or how it could flip a 180 and be a...

Jan 15, 2019

The jury is still out on whether or not Zuckerberg is a robot wearing human skin. What is for sure is that the FB working experience demands robot-like behavior.

Tulsi Gabbard 2020. Yay or Nay? Plus, why the hell are we already talking about 2020?

Discretionary prosecution is a thing - and we should be seeing more of...

Jan 7, 2019

Mainstream Media has a new enemy - and it's one of their own.

Maryland throws some good news our way in the form of an important climate justice vote.

Getting bored with your same old tactics? Here are some ideas...

The government shutdown continues and we are taking the opportunity to trash the nation.

Senator Warren...